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Welcome to House of Pain

Dedicated  to the art of Body Piercing, We serve a vastly diverse clientele.  We pride ourselves in quality coupled with affordability.  We strive to make each individual experience a positive & memorable one. 


When you get a piercing here, you receive the piercer's personal cell phone. If you have ANY problems or questions you have a direct link anytime day or night!!  You are given care instructions as well as a coupon for 50% off  towards the purchase of jewlery when it's time for the starter jewelry to be replaced as well as cleaning products.


We also have a nice selection of e-cigs, & e-juice , incense , clothing, handbags, tons of body jewelry,  and other knick knacks.

Sterilization Procedures


We have partnered with University of Iowa Sterilizer Monitoring Program.  Monthly spore tests are performed to ensure our autoclaves are performing properly. Test results are kept on premise for clientele viewing.


While most of our piercing supplies are disposable single use items, there are some that do not come into contact with blood in which we re use only after sterilization.


All needles used for piercing are sterile and single use.  All jewelry and Instruments used during procedure are properly disinfected and sterilized prior to use.

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