All pricing includes jewelry
Stretching free with jewelry purchase
Lobes 18-14 g  $75
12-2 gauge $125
daith, rook, conch,
tragus, cartilage
Kids Ears
Includes Jewelry
  • $75

Navel, Lip, Tongue, Eyebrow , Labret




choice of hoops or bars

Dermal & Surface


by appointment


House of Pain provides professional body piercing for everyone age 18 and over and age 14-17 with parent in person. All parties, INCLUDING MINORS, need to provide state issued identification with name, picture and birth date.  We offer walk ins during all of our regular business hours for all standard piercings, but please call ahead to book an appointment for all surface piercings, and genital piercings.


Standard jewelry included in pricing unless stated otherwise.


After hours appointments are available by request.

We do not pierce infants.

Must be old enough to verbally request piercings. 

Amy Jo 641.202.0024












While I aim to get every piercing perfect every time.

 I, myself, am not perfect and will be the first to admit that sometimes I feel a piercing needs to be redone. It doesn't happen often but it does happen.


With that being said, If YOU feel the piercing needs redone, however, I assure you that it will be fine once swelling goes down or have counseled AHEAD of time about your anatomy.

You must first give it proper healing time.

If after that time you still feel it is not to your satisfaction it will be redone for FREE .


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